Hoyles, J. Arthur
1908-1999; e.m. 1931

Born on 23 August 1908 at Hutton Cranswick, Yorks, he came from a farming background. He trained for the ministry at Cliff College, Richmond College and Headingley College. He served on several connexional committees, including Social Responsibility (1952-76) and the National Children's Home (1968-1976) and was Home Mission Secretary freom 1968 to 1976. He was also on the national Free Church Council (1961-1982) and the British Council of Churches (1968-1972). He took a particular interest in chaplaincy work among factory workers and coal-miners and especially in prison chaplaincy, which involved him in the work of the Langley House Trust. He wrote a number of books on pastoral work among prisoners. He died at Heaton Mersey,Stockport on 18 August 1999.