Hughes, Lot
1787-1873; e.m. 1808

Welsh WM minister, from Abergele. He was converted through the preaching of Edward Jones (Bathafarn) and began to preach in 1806. Personal contact with such pioneers as Owen Davies and John Hughes, a quite exceptional memory, assiduous diary-keeping and letter-writing, all combined to make him a mine of information about early Welsh WM. Not himself a professional historian or a polished writer, he collected the raw material that was published in Yr Eurgrawnand elsewhere as 'Tremau' (historical sketches), putting all subsequent historians in his debt. As a preacher and pastor he was much respected for his honesty, sensitivity, outspokenness and mild eccentricity. In later life he took pride in belonging to the Legal Hundred. He died on 13 July 1873.

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