Hulbert, Charles H.
1878-1957; e.m. 1903

WM minister, born on 29 September 1878 at Altrincham. He was influenced in his youth by Gipsy Smith, Campbell Morgan and Thomas Champness and on leaving Didsbury College served under Samuel Collier in the Manchester Mission. His ministry was spent in various city missions, including Blackburn (where he built the Queen's Hall), Southall and Archway, London. From 1937 he served as Home Missions Evangelist. He died in Orpington on 30 December 1957.

His son, Kenneth F. Hulbert (1912-2003) was born in Wandsworth on 24 December 1912 and educated at Kingswood School. A lifelong stammer deterred him from following his father into the ministry and he became an anaesthetist and later an orthopaedic surgeon. Wartime service in the RAMC took him to Egypt, the Sudan and India. His diaries for that period reveal his deep indebtedness to the Methodist tradition he inherited from his parents. He held many offices in the church and was a Vice-President of the Friends of Wesley's Chapel. His post-war career was spent in the Dartford area, where he specialized in work with children. He died on 25 May 2003.

Another son, Wilfred H. Hulbert entered the ministry in 1930 and after training at Richmond College served in the Madras District, India 1930-1946. He married the Scottish missionary Mary Macdonald Smith and on his return to Britain transferred to the Church of Scotland. He died on Iona in 1968.

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