Hulme, Samuel
1806-1900; e.m. 1828

Born atLongton on 24 October 1806, he became a leading MNC minister, despite a timid personality and delicate health. From an Anglican background, he spent a year preparing for the ministry with Thomas Allin, married Allin's daughter and was his ally against Joseph Barker and in moves to raise the status of the MNC ministry. He was Secretary of Missions 1863-79, having persuaded the Conference in 1858/59 to embark on a mission to China, and tutor at Ranmoor College 1864-66. He was President of the Conference in 1842, 1855 and 1866. He died in Manchester.

  • G.J. Stevenson, Methodist Worthies (1884-86) 4 pp.616-22