Hutchcroft, Noel Francis
1888-1949; e.m. 1914

WM minister, born at Lastingham, Yorks, the son of a country schoolmaster. After training at Cliff College and Didsbury College, he served in the Forces (from 1918 to 1920 as a chaplain) before embarking on an urban ministry in Paisley Mission (1920-1926), Hull Mission (1926-1930) and Blackburn Mission (1930-1935), and finally as Superintendent of the Birmingham Mission from 1935 to 1948. He had a special concern for the temperance movement and for Sunday Schoolwork, and was a secretary in the Temperance and Social Welfare Department 1948-50. His rich baritone voice served him for many years as Conference Precentor and he spoke at the Methodist Church Congress in 1931 on 'Methodism's Message in Song'. He died suddenly on 10 November 1949.

  • Methodist Recorder, 17 November 1949