Hymns on the Lord's Supper

This collection, first published in 1745, went through nine editions in the Wesleys' lifetime. It was based on The Christian Sacrament and Sacrifice (1673) by Dr Daniel Brevint, a Caroline divine who became Dean of Lincoln after the Restoration, and is a reminder of the sacramentalism which was complementary to, and integrated with, early Methodist evangelicalism. The book was in two parts: a lengthy extract prepared by John Wesley from Brevint's treatise was followed by a series of 166 hymns, mostly by Charles Wesley, which formed a series of versified meditations on Brevint's words. The hymns celebrate the sacrament as not only a memorial but a means of grace and a 'pledge of heaven'. They do not hesitate to speak of Christ's 'real presence' and express a 'high' doctrine of the sacrament which anticipated the Anglo-Catholic revival by a hundred years, but was lost to nineteenth-century Methodism in its reaction against high Anglicanism. A number of the hymns remain in use; e.g. 'God of unexampled grace' (HP 166), 'Jesus, we thus obey' (HP 614) and 'Let him to whom we now belong' (HP 698). (Cf. HP 298, 596, 602,629.)

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