Inwood, Dr Charles
1851-1928; e.m. 1872

Born at Woburn Sands, Bucks, on 25 March 1851, he became a Methodist local preacher in Irelandin 1869. Ordained in 1876, he continued in circuit work in Ireland until 1897 when the Irish Conference, recognising his evangelistic and convention ministry, released him for wider work. His emphasis on John Wesley's doctrine of Christian holiness, which he interpreted as full consecration, led to him being invited to preach at the Keswick Convention in 1892. From then until his death he was the most regular WM preacher at the Convention. His growing reputation as a convention preacher and his life-long interest in missionary work resulted in thirty years of itinerant ministry that took him to all five continents. He died at Hove on 12 October 1928.

  • Methodist Recorder, 18 & 25 October 1928
  • Archibald M. Hay, Charles Inwood [1929]

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