Ireland, James

Bristol merchant, born at Beaminster, Dorset. Settling in Bristol in 1750, he prospered as a sugar refiner and wine merchant. In 1774 he purchased the site of his future home, Brislington Hall. In 1782 he became High Sheriff of Somerset and a magistrate. Through his first wife Constant Norman he became associated with the Methodists, and particularly with John Fletcher, whom he got to know around 1765 . He made two journeys with him to the continent and was a regular benefactor to the poor of Madeley parish. In 1777 he persuaded Fletcher to sit for the portrait now in the New Room. He was buried in St. Luke's church, Bristol and was the subject of a lengthy and effusive memorial inscription. His Brislington home remained in the family until 1923, but was demolished in 1933.

  • Luke Tyerman, Wesley's Designated Successor (1882)


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