Isaac, Evan
1865-1938; e.m. 1891

Welsh WM minister born in June 1865. A native of Tre'rddôl, he grew up under the influence of the 1859 Revival. Having worked in local mines from the age of 10, he moved to the South Wales coalfields and began to preach. After training at Handsworth College, he spent the whole of his ministry in the South Wales District, of which he was Chairman from 1917 (when he was elected President of the Welsh Assembly and a member of the Legal Hundred) to 1932. A bachelor of warm friendliness and shrewd judgment, he was held in respect and affection by all. A man of varied interests and rich literary gifts, his widely read volumes on Welsh hymn writers (1927), on Humphrey R. Jones and the 1859 Revival (1930) and on Welsh folklore (1938) are of abiding value. He died at Taliesin on 11 December 1938.

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