Jackson, John, RA

Methodist artist, born on 31 May 1778 at Lastingham, N. Yorks. He was early influenced by Joshua Reynolds' painting and worked as a miniaturist in York. He was painting in London by 1804. He exhibited 146 paintings at the Reyal Academy between 1804 and 1830 and was elected as an Academician in 1817. He became a prolific and successful society portraitist and produced likenesses of leading Methodists from 1813 for the Wesleyan Methodist Magazine. His well-known but unsatisfactory synthesized image of John Wesley was painted in 1827 and was followed by portraits of John Fletcher and others. John Constable paid tribute to his Christian qualities.

He was a member of Hinde Street church, serving as as a poor steward and as a circuit steward. 1n 1825 He died at St. John's Wood on 1 June 1831.

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