Jenkins, Isaac
1812-1877; e.m. 1835

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Welsh WM minister, born at Ystumtuen, near Aberystwyth, into one of the pioneer WM families of Cardiganshire. He received a better education than most of his contemporaries and was trainedfor the ministry at Hoxton Theological Institution. He was appointed Assistant Secretary of the South Wales District Synod while still a probationer and throughout his ministry he held office continuously in that District, as Assistant Secretary, Secretary and Chairman. He was equally a fine preacher, scholar and writer, contributed erudite articles on biblical, historical and biographical subjects to Yr Eurgrawn (which he edited 1839-41 and 1857-59) and other journals, wrote elegies in Welsh on Jabez Bunting and Hugh Hughes (his father-in-law) and edited a memorial volume to the latter. He composed a hymn, still in use, on the Witness of the Spirit and was chief editor of the 1845 Hymn-book. He died at Methyr Tydvil on 25 August 1877.

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