Jessop, Dr Thomas Edmund, OBE, MC

UM and Methodist layman and local preacher, born at Huddersfield on 10 September 1896. He lectured in Logic and Metaphysics at Glasgow University 1925-1928. In 1928 he was appointed to the Ferens Chair of Philosophy and Psychology (later of Philosophy only) at Hull University. In addition to philosophical writings, he was an active apologist for the Christian faith, especially in booklets for the Forces during World War II. He was one of the Methodist representatives in the Anglican-Methodist Conversations and was one of the signatories to the Minority Report. His acute critical and philosophical mind produced two trenchant analyses of the Scheme. He was Vice-President of the Conference in 1955. His skills as a communicator were shown in his broadcast talks on 'Basic Religion' in 1944. His books include Law and Love: a study of the Christian ethic (1940; revised edition, 1948), Evangelism and Education (1947), the Beckly Lecture of 1952 on 'Social Ethics: Christian and natural', the Peake Memorial Lecture On Reading the English Bible (1958) and Introduction to Christian Doctrine (1960). He died in Hull on 10 September 1980.

  • Methodist Recorder,7 July 1955; 2 Oct. 1980
  • Conference Handbook, 1955