John Finch Travelling Bursary

Under the will of John Finch, a grocer from North Esher, Surrey, in 1944 a bequest of £5,000 was left to charitable trustees, to be invested in order to fund foreign travel for Methodist ministers. Under its terms ministerial candidates, probationers and ministers were to be given grants to enable them to make educational visits abroad in order to 'enlarge their vision, amplify their knowledge and extend their experience', so that 'they may become better fitted to discharge their duties or future duties as Methodist Ministers', the Fund being administered by three lay and two ordained trustees. Between 1945 and 2002 some 243 ministers received grants, totalling £21,945. In 2001 a successful application to the Charity Commissioners led to the winding up of the charity and the realisation of the remaining capital.

  • Conference Agenda, 1945 p.54; 2002 p.233

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