Johnson, Matthew

Leeds local preacher, originally WM, with radical political views. He was active in the Dissenters' successful campaign to take control of the Vestry and served as a Liberal Poor Law Guardian 1819-1844. He was greatly involved, with James Sigston and others, in the controversies that led to the Protestant Methodist secession in 1827, contributing to their polemic writings. He became a leading official of Protestant Methodism and then of the Wesleyan Methodist Association following the merger of 1836. He served as Secretary 1829-1832, 1833-1834, 1835-1838 and 1842-1844 and was President of the Annual Assembly in 1832. Originally a schoolmaster, he was secretary of what became the West Riding Trade Protection Society from 1848 until his death. Under the pseudonym 'A Leeds Methodist' he wrote a series of articles on Leeds Methodist history in the UMFC Magazine, 1864.

  • UMFC Magazine, 1864
  • Minutes of Trade Protection Society