Jones, David Gwynfryn
1867-1954; e.m. 1894

He was born on 1 November 1867, brought up in Cwm Rhondda and worked for years in coal mines. He began to preach at 17, but his entry into the WM ministry was repeatedly barred by ill-health. His ministry lasted 60 years, though for the sake of his health he was once sent to Cape Town and later left circuit work to edit various Welsh denominational publications. With little formal education, he demonstrated outstanding ability, culture and breadth of interests. He was Chairman of the First North Wales District, 1934-1938, and President of the Welsh Assembly in 1924. An orator of powerful intellect and fiery passion, he was equally at home in the pulpit and on the political platform. He began as a Liberal and an ardent friend and supporter of Lloyd George; but his pacifist stand during Word War I led him to the Labour Party. He helped to establish the party in Flintshire and became President of the North Wales Labour Federation. He twice stood unsuccessfully for Parliament. He died on 14 December 1954.

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