Jones, Edward
1778-1837; e.m. 1802

Known as 'Edward Jones, Bathafarn', after the farmhouse in Ruthin in which he grew up, he was born on 9 May 1778. He had a good education at Ruthin Grammar School. Soon after entering the Manchester cotton industry c. 1796, he underwent conversion and became a zealous WM. On his way home in 1799 for health and family reasons, he called on the Chester circuit to send preachers to Ruthin. The Conference of 1800 agreed to the establishment of a Welsh mission and Jones hired a room in Ruthin, conducting prayer meetings to supplement the preachers' visits. When a society was formed, he himself began to preach in both languages. Entering the ministry in 1802 he furthered the Welsh mission in various parts of Wales. The curtailment of Conference funding of the Welsh work in 1816 led to his transfer to the English work for the rest of his ministry. He became a member of the Legal Hundred in 1834. He has generally been regarded as the 'father of Welsh WM' and the integrity of his character left an indelible impression on Welsh Methodism. He died at Leek on 26 August 1837. His gravestone was brought from Leek in 1869 to the new Bathafarn Memorial Chapel in Ruthin.

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