Jones, Dr Hugh
1837-1919; e.m. 1859

A leading figure in Welsh WM, he was born on 20 January 1837 and nurtured in the Caernarfon society. Beginning his probation as Chairman's Assistant under Thomas Aubrey, his exceptional preaching, writing and organizing gifts soon marked him out as the latter's natural heir. He became Chairman of the North Wales District in 1893 and, after its division, of the Second N. Wales District 1903-1911. He was President of the Welsh Assembly in 1901 and a member of the Legal Hundred from 1893. A staunch Free Churchman and an outspoken Liberal in politics, he was active in many moral, social, educational, legal and political issues. Despite this, his literary output was phenomenal, including the four volumes of Hanes Wesleyaeth Gymreig (1911-1913), a comprehensive history of Welsh WM, a biography of Samuel Davies the Second (1904) and a lecture on Welsh Nonconformity (1898). He edited the 1904 collection of Welsh WM hymns and tunes and was editor of Yr Eurgrawn, 1902-1911. He received an honorary DD from Kansas City University (1902) and at the Golden Jubilee of his ministry in 1909 was honoured by the Welsh Assembly. He died on 23 May 1919.

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