Barratt, Thomas H.
1870-1951; e.m. 1894

WM minister, the son of the Rev. Robert C. Barratt (1833-1917; e.m. 1856), he was born at St. Austell on 29 March 1870. He taught at Woodhouse Grove School before training for the ministry at Handsworth College. He was Tutor in Pastoral Theology at Richmond College 1909-16 and at Didsbury College from 1919, becoming Principal 1925-39. He was a powerful preacher and caring pastor, whose students and congregations benefited from his Celtic inheritance and love of the classics. At the Methodist Church Congress in 1929 he spoke on 'The Lord's Supper in Early Methodism'. He died on 5 September 1951.


'Many of Mr. Barratt's sayings remain with us as jewels of real and memorable wisdom… Richmond men will not forget the triumphant faith of a man who passed through deep waters and was so much "more thsn conqueror" that he brought to us a sense of things unseen and eternal. We shall remember those Communion Services, so formally correct and complete, yet bringing the infinite Grace near and real… We shall remember his home, the grace and joy of it… We shall remember his ministries of understanding and sympathy in times of dificulty or sickness. We shall remember his unique discipline. We needed it. Here was no Jovian wrath, no arrogance or prying distrust or sarcasm such as College legends often spoke of, but simple appeal to whatever was decent in us, a trust rarely abused.'

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