Barrett, Alfred
1808-1876; e.m. 1832

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WM minister, born at Attercliffe, Sheffield, on 17 October 1808. He was Governor of Richmond College from 1858 to 1868. He was well versed in patristic and systematic theology and moral philosophy, and published an Essay on the Pastoral Office as a Divine Institution in the Church of Christ (1839), Catholic and Evangelical Principles, viewed in their present application to the church of God (1843) and The Ministry and Polity of the Christian Church viewed in their scriptural and theological aspects (1854). Among his other varied publications were lives of Ellen Gribbin, 'the boatman's daughter' (1847), which went through numerous editions, and of the missionary J.H. Bumby (1852). He died at Clapton on 26 October 1876.

His daughter Katherine married Hugh Price Hughes and played a major role in the West London Mission, as did her brother Dr. Howard Barrett.


'… a young man named Alfred Barrett, already famous by his Prize Essay on the Pastoral Office, and endeared to his brethren and his successive flocks by his exemplary modesty and self-suppression, the gentleness and refinement of his manners, and the richness of his teaching both in pulpit and in Bible-class…'

Benjamin Gregory, Autobiographical Recollections (1903) p.246