Kerr, George McGlasham, K-i-H
1874-1950; e.m. 1899

He was born in Aberdeen of Presbyterian parentage and served in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) 1901-1904. His wife, Dr Isabel Kerr, K-i-H (néeGunn, 1875-1932), was born at Fochabers-on-Spey and graduated in medicine at Aberdeen. In 1907 they went to Nizamabad in the Hyderabad District, India, where they served from 1907 to 1919. Her realisation of the need for long-term care and treatment of leprosy patients led to the founding in 1920 of the Victoria Leprosy Hospital at Dichpalli, where she served in an honorary capacity until her death. She also established a leprosy clinic in Hyderabad City. She was held in high honour for her vision, medical skill and the great advancement in treatment as more effective drugs were introduced and was awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind gold medal in 1923. She died at Dichpali on 20 December 1932. Her husband proved adept at dealing with government bureaucracy. He died suddenly at Cove, Dumbartonshire, on 26 April 1950.

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