Kinsman, Andrew

Calvinistic preacher, baptized at Tavistock on 11 November 1724. He was converted c.1740 by reading George Whitefield's sermons and joined the Whitefieldite society in Plymouth, though maintaining his associatuion with the Wesleys. In 1745 he married Ann Tiley, who had provided the site for a Whitefieldite Tabernacle in Plymouth. Kinsman was for many years the leading figure there and at his 'Upper Room' chapel in Devonport. In 1763 he was ordained at Broadmead Baptist chapel, Bristol by nonconformist and Methodist preachers and began to preach more widely in the summer months. He maintained a grocery business in Plymouth until passing it over to his son in 1771. He died at Devonport on 28 February 1793 and was buried in Stoke Damerel churchyard. After his death the congregations at both of his chapels turned to Dissent.

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