Kissack, Reginald (Rex)
1910-1998; e.m. 1934

He was born in Liverpool on 4 September 1910. During his ministry in Oxford 1946-52, he played a part in the reorganization of the World Methodist Council and initiated the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies. While serving in Rome, 1955-63, he promoted the independence of Italian Methodism (1962), made the first official Methodist contact with the Vatican and was Observer at the first session of Vatican II (1962-63). This helped him, as Chairman of Liverpool District (1965-75), to foster ecumenical relations in that city. His Church or No Church (1964) was an important contribution to Methodist ecclesiology. Retiring to the Isle of Man, he served as Chaplain to the House of Keys, 1991-96. He died at Ramsey, IOM on 16 April 1998.

His wife Elizabeth Kissack (née Hutchinson) (b.1916) founded the Sunday School of Ponte S. Angelo in Rome and taught at the Overseas School. On returning to the UK she served at District and Connexional levels with the Women's Fellowship and the MMS and was one of the first three women on the President's Council. She was area President for UK and Ireland of the World Federation of Methodist Women 1971-76, and as World President 1976-81 steered the Federation to seek Non-governmental Status at the UN.

  • Methodist Recorder, 28 May 1998