Lamb, George
1809-1886; e.m. 1829

PM itinerant, born in Preston of Quaker origins and converted at a Camp Meeting in 1826. In 1829 Hugh Bourne persuaded him to become an itinerant. His circuit ministry (1829-85) was spent largely around Hull and in London. He was a keen advocate of temperance and social reform. He was Book Steward 1870-75 and twice President of the PM Conference (1866 and 1884), and was appointed by Conference to visit the PM churches in North America in 1876. Throughout his ministry he gave a rising proportion of his income to charities and a scholarship fund was founded in his name to assist candidates for the PM ministry. He died on 13 February 1886. Lamb Memorial PM church (by W. A. Gelder) in Lambert Street, Hull was opened in 1894 in his memory.

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