Lang, Paul Gordon Bartlett

He was born at Blackheath, London on 11 February 1931, the son of the Rev. F. Bartlett Lang (died 1964; e.m. 1909) and educated at The Leys School, followed by a year at Cliff College. He was an active local preacher from 1952 to 1999 and secretary of the Joseph Rank Benevolent Trust from 1954 to 1991. He married Hilda Rank of the Rank family. Among his other Methodist offices were those of Home Mission treasurer 1966-1992 and of the London Mission Fund 1978-1998. He served as circuit steward in both the Reigate and the Sutton (Surrey) Circuits. In 1983 he was elected Vice-President of the Methodist Conference. His book Reconciliation and Grace was published in 2001. He died on 25 June 2012.

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 September 2012