Le Sueur, Pierre

He was one of two Jerseymen influenced by the preaching of Laurence Coughlan while working in the Newfoundland fishery. He returned to Jersey c.1770 with an awakened conscience, but still seeking a deeper spiritual experience. The return of his compatriot Jean Tentin led to his conversion and the formation of a Methodist society in St. Helier. In 1782 he bought the medieval Chapelle de Notre Dame des Pas, repaired it and converted it into a Methodist preaching place. He died on 22 January 1819.

His son of the same name was involved from 1812 to 1816 in the mission initiated by Thomas Coke among French prisoners of war in Dartmoor Prison. Returning to his native Jersey in 1816, he served as a French-speaking minister there and in Normandy, but reverted in 1821 to the status of local preacher.

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