Lewis, Greville Priestley
1891-1976; e.m. 1915

A descendant of Joseph Priestley, he was born at Herne Bay on 12 November 1891. He became a local preacher while in the VI Form at Kingswood School and trained for the ministry at Handsworth College. As secretary of the Local Preachers' Department (1946-58) he was concerned that preachers should be fully trained and resourced. He initiated residential conferences and summer schools, published five biennial volumes of the Preachers' Handbook, edited the Epworth Preacher's Commentariesand distributed a report on The Local Preacher and Evangelism (1949). He wrote An Approach to the New Testament (1954) and edited An Approach to Christian Doctrine (1954). He served on the board of the Methodist Recorder and on the book committee of the Methodist Publishing House. He died in Eastbourne on 6 March 1976.

  • Methodist Recorder, 18 March 1976