Lewis, Hywel Meilir Pennant
1919-1997; e.m. 1940

He was born at Melfod, Montgomeryshire, on 4 May 1919, the elder of two brothers who followed their father, John Lewis, into the Welsh WM ministry. Born at Meifod, Montgomeryshire, on 4 May 1919, Graduating in Arts and Divinity at Manchester University, he was a man of wide reading and culture and deep spirituality, one of the most influential ministers of his generation and highly regarded in ecumenical circles. As a scholar he specialized in the lives and works of Christian saints and the history of Welsh WM. He was secretary of the Historical Society of the Methodist Church in Wales from its foundation in 1946, becoming its Chairman in 1980 and later an Honorary President. He made valuable contributions to its journal Bathafarn, as well as to Yr Eurgrawnand other Welsh periodicals. He died at LlanfairPG, Anglesea, on 22 December 1997.


'He was the most genial of companions, whose eyes often twinkled and whose laughter was infectious. He loved people with all their oddities and foibles, which he could describe with amusement, though never without sympathy… Life for him was to be enjoyed as well as sanctified and God was present in all its entirety.'

Methodist Recorder, 29 January 1998

  • Methodist Recorder, 29 Jan. 1998
  • Y Gwyliedydd February-March 1998


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