Leyland, Arthur Stanley

PM minister, born on 25 November 1901 at St. George's, Shropshire. He was named after his uncle Albert Stanley, a local preacher and trade union leader, and inherited musical skills from his father. He stood unsuccessfully for Parliament, entered the PM ministry in 1922 and trained at Hartley College. He was first Record Secretary, then Assistant Secretary of the Conference and was convener of the committee which arranged for ministers to own their own furniture. He developed the World Methodist Council ministerial exchange programme and himself led many groups on overseas visits. It was at his suggestion at the World Methodist Conference in Dublin in 1976 that the World Methodist Peace Award was established. He wrote hymns, poetry and plays and for many years contributed a children's page to the Methodist Recorder. He died on 14 September 1992.

  • Methodist Recorder, 1 Oct. 1992