Litten, John Howard, CBE
1878-1954; e.m. 1903

Principal of NCHO. He trained as a teacher and taught at Westminster College before entering the ministry. In 1917, when he joined the NCHO, his distinctive life's work began. As Principal, 1933-1950, he founded the Sisters' Training School at Highbury and Princess Alice College, Birmingham to provide training in Child Care; established small mixed family groups throughout the NCHO; instituted the Convocation lecture; built children's flats and accepted many refugee children; and founded the National Council of Associated Children's Homes. He served on the Curtis Committee, whose report led to the Children's Act of 1948. Restless and energetic, he was a shrewd selector of colleagues, who returned his loyalty. He retired in 1950 to Mitcham, Australia. He died suddenly on 21 September 1954.

  • Methodist Recorder, 30 Sept 1954