Love, Joseph

MNC layman, born near North Shields. He followed his father down the mine, working as a trapper-boy until 1821. He then became a hawker of drapery and groceries. After other commercial ventures, the turning point came in 1840 when he and a partner purchased the Brancepeth coal royalties and sank a mine, turning its very soft coal into coke. Other collieries followed, later on in partnership with Robinson Ferens (who married the widow of his son, Isaac Pearson Love), and as one of Durham's leading proprietors he became a millionaire. A MNC local preacher from 1819, he gave generously to the Church, chiefly to finance chapel-building such as Bethel, Durham (1853) and so facilitated the great MNC expansion in the Durham coalfield, 1850-75. His reputation among the miners suffered as a result of his stance during the 1863-64 strike. He was elected a MNC Guardian Representative in 1857. He died virtually a millionaire.

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