Luddington, William Broadbent
1843-1888; e.m. 1864

PM missionary to West Africa, born on 9 March 1843 at Brampton, Notts, the son of the Rev. William Luddington (1810-1888; e.m. 1836). At Tuxford he joined the WMs in the absence of a PM cause, became a local preacher and was encouraged to enter the WM ministry. But on moving to Barnsley in 1863 he rejoined the PMs and between 1873 and 1888 served three times in Fernando Po, being credited with being the first PM missionary to heathen people. He died soon after returning to England, on 25 November 1888.

  • D.S. Prosser (ed.), Heroic Men (1889) pp.214-74

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