Lupton, Moses
1800-1875; e.m. 1822/23

President of the PM Conference in 1870, born on 28 July 1800 at Ripon. He spent most of his circuit ministry in the Hull and Sunderland Districts. One estimate is that he walked an average of 3,000 miles a year and preached six times a week. He was secretary of the General Commission 1859-1864 and Mission Secretary 1864-1865. He retired to Darlington in 1866. After moving to Sunderland he supported the establishment of the Theological Institute there. He died on 9 June 1875.

His brother William Lupton (c.1803-1854, e.m. 1825/1828) became a PM itinerant in 1825, Having been sent to Ireland in 1827, he transferred to the Wesleyans in 1828 and served in Irish circuits. He published The Nature, Design and Perpetual Security of the Church of Christ (Belfast, 1839) and The Irish Convert, or Popish Intolerance Illustrated (1849) and was included in Sermons by Wesleyan Methodist Ministers (1853). He died at Limerick 'of a violent fever', on 19 June 1854, 'on the eve of Conference'.

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