Mackey, Alexander
c.1785-1865; e.m. 1818

Born at Antrim into a Unitarian family, he was converted through a Methodist sister. In 1816 he was appointed to the Dungannon committee, set up to support the move to administer the sacrament (in opposition to the Clones Committee). Received on the Reserve List in 1817, he was called out to supply at Monaghan and placed on the stations at the Conference of that year. Described as 'a student of exceptional ability and a preacher of more than ordinary power', he was befriended by Adam Clarke and accompanied him on a visit to Shetland, which led to complaints that he had neglected his circuit duties. During a period at Carrickfergus (1826-1829) he undertook a programme of chapel building (at Lame, Ballyclare, Hyde Park and Islandmagee) and other ventures which stretched circuit finances to breaking point. The leading figure figure, Matthew Tobias, was prominent among his critics and he was forced to leave the ministry in 1833 and go into business. He continued to preach from time to time for the WMA and the MNC at Carrickfergus. He published Six Discoursesat Belfast in 1839. He died at Antrim on 29 April 1865.

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