Mansfield, Ralph
1799-1880; e.m. 1819

WM missionary to Australia, born in Toxteth Park, Liverpool on 12 March 1799. Arriving in Sydney in 1820, he became the leader of all Methodist activities, as secretary of the Auxiliary WMMS, editor of the Australian Magazineetc. In Hobart (Tasmania) 1823-26 he built the first chapel. Back in Sydney he became involved in the growing tension between the colonial missionaries and the Home Committee in London and resigned from the ministry in 1828, though continuing to serve as a local preacher. Thereafter, with Robert Howe, he was joint editor of the Sydney Gazetteand also contributed to the Colonist. He had a broad range of interests and occupied a number of secular positions. In 1841 he became editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. He died at Parramatta on 1 September 1880.

  • Dictionary of Australian Biography

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