Manton, John Allen
1807-1864; e.m. 1830

WM missionary in Australia, born on 17 August 1807. Arriving in Sydney in 1831, he was appointed to Parramatta. In 1833 he became the first chaplain to the new penal settlement at Port Arthur, Tasmania, where he organized schools for adult convicts and instructed 70 convict boys. At Campbelltown (Tasmania) he helped establish Horton College, a WM school for boys, and became its first principal. He suggested that the WM Church establish a second college in Sydney, and when Newington College opened in 1863 he became its first principal.

He became Secretary of the Australian Conference when it was formed in 1855 and in 1857 was elected President. He died at Horton College on 9 September 1864.

  • Dictionary of Australian Biography

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