Marriott family

Thomas Marriott (d. 1775), baker, of Norton Folgate, London, was a member at the Foundery and a steward of the Spitalfields society. His wife, Webster Marriott (d. 1772), was one of the first members of the Foundery society in 1739.

Their son William Marriott (1753-1815) was born on 16 December 1753. Educated at Madeley under the eye of John Fletcher, he became a London stockbroker, living in Hoxton Square. In 1788 he was appointed society steward and a class leader at Wesley's Chapel. By this time he was wealthy and wrote to Alexander Mather (who had worked for his father before entering the ministry), asking advice on disposing of part of his property for charitable purposes. Mather later wrote to tell him how many people had been helped. For many years he gave away half his considerable income and for more than 20 years supported two schools for 100 poor children. He kept a modest journal in which he recorded business and private activities. From 1800 to 1815 he was treasurer of the Strangers' Friend Society. Nominated as Sheriff of the City of London in 1801, he chose to pay the fine of £400 in order to decline the office. He was an executor of John Wesley's will. He died on 15 July 1815 and his funeral sermon was preached by Dr. Adam Clarke.

He had two sons. William Marriott (1777-1834), born at Hoxton Square on 18 November 1777, was one of the founders of the Sunday School Union, compiled text books and in 1805 launched The Youth's Magazine. He was treasurer of the Strangers' Friend Society 1815-1824, in succession to his father. He died at Sevenoaks on 12 April 1834. Thomas Marriott (1786-1852), born at Hoxton Square on 17 March 1786, was one of the first collectors of Wesley manuscripts and a contributor on antiquarian matters to the WM Magazine. He bequeathed his library and manuscripts to George Osborn and his considerable fortune to the WMMS and the Worn-out Preachers' Fund. His collection of preaching plans is now at Drew University. He died on 18 November 1852.

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