Marsden, George
1773-1858; e.m. 1793

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WM minister, born in Hadfield, Derbyshire, on 16 March 1773. He was converted in 1791 under the preaching of Joseph Benson and became a sick visitor under the newly formed Strangers' Friend Society in the town. He was 49 years in the active work and was an active supporter of the work overseas, serving as both the Secretary of the WMMS and one of its early treasurers. He was twice President of the Conference (1821 and 1831) and in 1833 represented British Methodism at the Canadian Conference. He died at Glossop on 16 May 1858. His sister Hannah was the wife of Richard Reece.


'No great range of mind; - rather circumscribed than otherwise. Deeply devoted to God, and the interests of Wesleyan Methodismā€¦ Full, good voice. Funereal in his manner. Vehement, not impassioned; - declamatory, and occasionally vociferous. Matter rarely varied. - Inflexible. - Will listen to a statement or request, turn away in silence, and pursue his own courseā€¦Neat, clean; particular to a fault.'

Wesleyan Takings (1840) p.316