Beales, W. Harold
1886-1967; e.m. 1909

WM minister, born at Bingley, Notts., the son of the Rev. William Beales (1849-1933; e.m.1877). A persuasive preacher, a pacifist and skilful conference leader, he held a roving commission with the Home Mission Department, 1934-40. From 1940 to 1952 he was Warden of the Wesley Deaconess Order. His most distinctive work was done at Cambridge (1924-1930) where he initiated the Cambridge Group movement. Undergraduates, dons and local church members met in fellowships (similar to the traditional class meetings), retreats and projects for Christian action. The movement became 'Methsoc' and spread to other universities and colleges, influencing many future Church leaders. He died in Cambridge on 17 September 1967.

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 Sept. 1967

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