Mawson, Henry Thomas

In 1883 he was the first of two lay Presidents of the Annual Assembly of the UMFC (the other being Sir James Duckworth in 1894). Brought up at Oxford Place WM, Leeds, he was converted in 1838 under John Rattenbury. He joined the Wesleyan Reformers in 1851 and became a local preacher. At the Leeds Delegates Meeting in 1855 he initially opposed the merger with the WMA, still hoping for a return to WM, but soon changed his views. In 1862 he joined Salem UMFC, Harrogate and from 1864 was both Secretary and Treasurer of the Victoria Park UMFC Building Fund, launching the scheme for its replacement. From 1858 until his retirement he owned an oil business. He served as Chairman of the Harrogate Commissioners 1871-1881, before retiring to Southport.

  • T. Sunderland, United Methodist Church, Victoria Park, Harrogate, Jubilee, 1865-1915 (Harrogate, 1915)