Beaty, Arthur Stanley
1883-1970; e.m. 1906

WM missionary in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), he was born in Carlisle on 3 March 1883. He worked in local government before offering for the ministry. After training at Headingley College, he spent 20 years (1906-26) in South Ceylon District), chiefly on the tea and rubber estates. He returned in 1930 as Chairman of the District (and of the Provincial Synod) to lead the Church through a period when political independence, coupled with an ongoing Buddhist Revival, called for a radical review of its educational and social activities. He is commemorated in the new Conference headquarters at Colpetty, Colombo. Before retiring in 1952 he was for five years Warden of Kingsmead College. He died in Reigate on 1 June 1970.

  • Methodist Recorder, 11 June 1970