Maclure, John
1778-1817; e.m. 1799

The frst Irish MNC preacher, he was born at Malone, Belfast. He was called out in 1799 by the thirty-four leaders at Lisburn who had withdrawn from WM. The following year he responded to a request to establish a MNC cause in Dublin. The struggling societies were unable to support a married preacher and, although he made various attempts to supplement his income, he was gaoled for five months in 1814 for several small debts. He died in Dublin on 14 May 1817. His son William McClure (1803-71) also became an Irish MNC preacher, but during a period of retraction in the Irish Mission transferred to Canada and became theological tutor and Assistant Superintendent of the Canadian work.

  • W. McClure, Life and Labours of John McClure (1872)

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