Beaumont, John
1762-1822; e.m. 1786

John Beaumont senr., an Anglican farmer from Longley, near Holmfirth, West Riding, was the father of John Beaumont junior and grandfather of Joseph Beaumont. He excelled both as a vocalist and instrumentalist, and was a leader of sacred oratorios. Several members of his family joined the Methodists and, to his disappointment, from conscientious motives declined to attend musical performances. He died on 18 January 1797, aged 60.

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John Beaumont junr., born in 1762, inherited his father's musical talents and a fine treble voice. In his early years he accompanied the singing in the parish church on the bass viol. Encountering the Methodists at the age of 16, he joined them despite parental opposition. He composed over 60 hymn tunes (including 'St Ignatius' to Charles Wesley's 'All thanks to the Lamb' (MHB 747)) and several anthems. He wrote a Treatise on... the Disease of Melancholy (1808) and an account of his 'experience and travels' with 'his reasons for composing music'. He died at Macclesfield on 8 November 1822.

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