Meadley, Thomas Donald
1909-1989; e.m. 1933

He was born at Longdown, Hants, on 29 December 1909,the son of a PM minister, and entered Hartley College in 1930. P.T. Forsyth was an important early influence. In 1957, at the instigation of W.E. Sangster, he was appointed Principal of Cliff College, where he initiated a period of change before returning to circuit work in 1965. His convictions led him to register a dissentient vote on the Report to Conference on the Anglican-Methodist Conversations in 1963. He contributed to the revision of theBook of Offices. The best known of his books was Top Level Talks … studies in scriptural holiness (1969). He died at Cheltenham on 25 May 1989.

  • Methodist Recorder, 8 June 1989