Meakin, Henry T.
1855-1913; e.m. 1892

He was born in Chellaston, near Derby, on 9 March 1855 and worked for the Midland Railway before joining the newly formed South London Mission as organizing secretary in 1889. His success in filling Locksfields Chapel led to his entering the WM ministry in 1896. His vision inspired the opening of London's first Central Hall, at Bermondsey, in 1900. He was Superintendent of the South London Mission from 1906 until his health broke down two years later. He died in Hastings on 23 May 1913.

  • Methodist Recorder, 29 May 1913
  • Frederick and Leslie F. Church, A Mender of Hearts: the story of Henry T. Meakin (1914)
  • J.D. Beasley, The Bitter Cry Heard and Heeded (1989)

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