Meecham, Dr Henry George
1886-1955; e.m. 1911

PM minister and scholar, born on 22 May 1886 in Manchester and trained at Hartley College. In 1929 he succeeded A.S. Peake as lecturer in NT studies at Hartley College and was Principal from 1948 to1953, after a period in circuit in Sheffield during the War. His main publications were: Light from Ancient Letters (1923), The Oldest Version of the Bible (1932), The Letter of Aristeas (1935) and The Epistle of Diognetus (1949) (for the last of which he was awarded the Manchester DD). He was one of the translators on the Apocrypha panel for the NEB and in retirement revised J.H. Moulton's Introduction to the Study of NT Greek. He died on 29 August 1955.

  • Methodist Recorder, 1 Sept 1955
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