Findlay, William Hare
1857-1919; e.m. 1880

WM missionary to India, born on 17 May 1857 at Malton, Yorks, the younger brother of G.G. Findlay. He was educated at Woodhouse Grove, London University and Merton College, Oxford and served in the Madras District 1881-1900, where he was Principal of the Negapatam High School and founded Findlay College at Mannargudi. He made an effective defence of India missionaries in the Missionary Controversy of 1890 and as a Missionary Secretary from 1900 to 1910 made a vital force of the new Home Organization Department. He spent a year publicizing the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference of 1910 and, returning to India in 1914 to carry out a survey of missionary work, died in Madras on 28 November 1919..

  • Methodist Recorder,11 Dec 1919