Methodist Worship Book

The book is a replacement for the 1975 'Methodist Service Book which originated from a request to the Methodist Conference for richer and more varied material for communion services and for worship texts employing inclusive language. On behalf of the Faith and Order Committee its sixteen compilers, between them, met thirty times in eight years for a total of seventy-one days. Over 20,000 originals of draft services were circulated and the sales of the book itself wildly exceeded all estimates and expectations. The book contains a wider and richer provision within its 600 pages than any of its predecessors. Orders are provided for daily prayer, preaching services, healing and wholeness, reconciliation of a penitent and Holy Week as well as all the pastoral offices and a new ordinal. Of the sixteen communion orders, eight are for the main Christian seasons. There is an alternative covenant prayer and a service for extended communion with the sick and the housebound. In addition to the 424 references to God as Father there is one famous and originally controversial reference to 'God our Father and our Mother'.

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