Miller, Dr Harold, OBE

Physicist, local preacher, Christian Socialist and staunch pacifist, he came from Derbyshire PM stock. Graduating from St. John's College, Cambridge, he became a research student in the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge in the pioneering era of atomic physics under Rutherford and Chadwick, before working in the Research Department of EMI, where he was involved in the development of the first successful domestic TV system. From 1942 as Medical Physicist to the Sheffield National Centre for Radiography he was involved in cancer research. He was President of the Hospital Physicists Association and of the British Institute of Radiology, and consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency. He gave the Chapel Aid lecture on Growing Up with PM in 1995. Following his death, the Day Care Unit he had founded at Weston Park was renamed in his honour in 1996.

  • Methodist Recorder,16 Nov. 1995


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