Model Trusts

Under the Methodist Church Act 1976, all existing property held on either the 1932 Model Deed or those which it replaced was vested in custodian trustees (i.e. generally the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes), with groups of managing trustees defined for each type of property e.g. local or circuit. The property was to be held, not on the trusts laid down in a specific document executed as a model or pattern deed, but instead on the 'model trusts' which were enacted as Schedule 2 to the Act itself. Trustees of other church property and future settlors of property could also adopt the Model Trusts. The provisions of the Schedule are in most cases amendable by the Conference, using the procedure of a 'special resolution' (or occasionally a 'deferred special resolution') as defined by section 2 of the 1976 Act, and they have been amended from time to time. A 'special resolution' requires to be passed by the Conference by a 75% majority. Where a 'deferred special resolution' is required, the period between the two Conference resolutions is extended to two years and requires wider consultation.

  • Constitutional Practice and Discipline Book II, Part 2