Morgan, William

Oxford student from Dublin. One of the original members of the Holy Club at Oxford, he gave shape to the social activity of the group in visiting prisons and serving the poor. Shortly after leaving Oxford he died and it was rumoured that this was the result of his ascetic lifestyle. John Wesley sought to rebut this charge in a letter to Morgan's father Richard Morgan Senr (1679-1752), explaining the rise and design of 'Oxford Methodism'. Their correspondence was sufficient to persuade him to entrust his second son, also Richard (1714-1785) to the Wesleys' care. He in turn joined the Methodists and retained at least some contact with John Wesley on his return to Dublin.

  • Luke Tyerman, The Oxford Methodists (1873), pp.4-15
  • C.H. Crookshank, in WHS Proceedings, 3, pp.47-50

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